About Us

Welcome to Salmon Eye Designs!

At Salmon Eye Designs, we fuse the vibrant culture of Haida art with a cheeky, rebellious spirit. For us, art is more than just decoration – it's a statement. Every piece in our collection challenges the norm and celebrates the boldness of Haida culture, because as coastal people, we know that salmon is life, and life should be lived boldly.

Our Mission: To infuse your everyday life with the bold, fun, and rebellious energy of Haida art through our unique, authentically indigenous designs.

Our Story: Salmon Eye Designs is a name with layers of meaning. It's a playful nod to my name, Sam, and a phrase my partner often says – "Sam and I" – which sounds like "Salmon Eye." Salmon is integral to our life as coastal people, symbolizing sustenance, tradition, and resilience. Inspired by this connection and our rich Haida heritage, Salmon Eye Designs was born from a love for creative expression and cultural celebration. Every product is personally designed and crafted to reflect our authentic spirit and bold perspective.